Social Economic Development Officer Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Kigali

Burera District

Job: Socio-Economic Development Officer (Multiple)


Level 14.VIII

Reports To: Executive Secretary of Kivuye Sector

No. of Positions: 7

Deadline: 26/Feb/2018

Job Description

Collect and consolidatedata on specific public (policy) issues pertaining to socio – economic development and record data about death and birthacross the Cell;
Identify socio – economic development needs at the Cell level and accordingly advise on response measures;
Elaborate, under the supervision of the Executive Secretary of the Cell,programs of community works;
Supervise the execution of community development and citizen participation activities across the Cell andproduce consolidated reports thereof;
Prepare documents to be signed by the Executive Secretary of the Cell and assist him/her in the production of the Cell’s activities performance reports.
Facilitate gathering data related to the employment status within the cell

Job Profile

A2 in Humanities Sciences, Education, Agriculture, Rural Development

Key Technical Skills and Knowledge Required:

Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Central and Local Government Functionality;
In – depth understanding and knowledge of the Rwandan and regional context for agribusiness development;
Computer Skills;
Organizational Skills;
Communication Skills;
High analytical Skills;
Complex Problem Solving;
Time management Skills;
Team working Skills;
Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage