Rehabilitation Senior Officer Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Kigali


Job: Community-based rehabilitation Senior Officer


Level: 4.II

Reports To: Director of Mental Health Rehabilitation of Unit

No. of Positions: 1

Deadline: 22/Feb/2018

Job Description

Set up an integrated mental health training plan at community level
Integrate sensitization tools and training protocols at community level
Implementation of programs to fight against stigma on mentally ill people
Coordinate the implementation plan of sensitization and training plan at community level
Set up and disseminate the harmonized tools of promotion and sensitization at community level
Support the initiatives of civil society organizations dealing with mental health issues to improve rehabilitation of people living with mental health disorders
Advocate for promotion of mental health associations and cooperative of rehabilitation of mental health patients
To set up and guidethe reintegration programs of patients suffering of chronically mental health disorders
In collaboration with All mental healthstakeholdersand community desk
MOH , especially Corporate Services
Ensure availability ofmaterials, harmonization of the tools, multiplication and dissemination of sensitization and promotional materials on mental health tools
Provide technical support in development of integrated plan of promotional and sensitization campaigns andmaterials in MH issues
In collaboration with RBC management especially Corporate servicesand Planning division :
Ensure the availability of fund, the integration of the campaigns
With community stakeholders and MOH,
Insure the integration of regulations and protocols of rehabilitations and reintegration of mental health patients in community

Job Profile

Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology or Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences


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