Internal Auditor Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Kigali


Job Description

Functions and tasks: Prepare annual audit plan

Consults different units for collecting information regarding their annual activities;
Prepares a risk based audit plan;
Designs the audit plan with clear timing;
Ensures that the annual audit plan is approved by management of the institution and submitted to MINECOFIN.

Carrying out financial review (Monthly and annually)

Conducts the review of financial statement;
Reviews all payment done during the period under review for eg: Monthly, Quarterly;
Provides Findings to the units under audit;
Provides final reports to the Director General;
Gives advice on the appropriateness of accounting records and financial reporting

Carrying out annual systems audits

Assesses whether current controls are adequate to identify risk and provide assurance on adequacy and effectiveness of risk management practices;
Helps management to improve efficiency and to ensure that governance, risk management, and internal control systems are operating efficiently and effectively.

Carrying out compliance audits

Examines adherence to any policy, contractual, regulatory and legislative requirements

Providing advisory services

Participates in significant initiatives and priorities and providing solutions to financial and internal controls;
Safeguards objectivity and ensure he/she is not playing a management role

Following up audit recommendations

Reviews management responses to internal audit reports;
Prepare reports on the implementation of recommendations.

Preparing the consolidated Quarterly Internal Audit Report (QIAR)

Summarizes Internal Audit activities in a consolidated report to be submitted to the audit committee;
Copies to the concerned chief Budget manager and to the office of Government Chief Internal Auditor (GCIA);
Represents internal audit in a committee meeting

Job Profile

“A0 in Accounting, Public Finance or Management with specialization in Finance/Accounting.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

Detailed knowledge of financial and Audit Standards, HR & Financial Regulations, Procedures ;
Financial software;
Planning Skill;
High Analytical skills;
Report writing and presentation skills.
Time management skills;
Excellent problem – solving skills and clear logical thinking;