Project Manager Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Kigali


Job: Environmental and Development Research Officer



Reports To: Director of Research, Environmental Planning and Development Unit

No. of Positions: 2

Deadline: 29/May/2018

Job Description

Function and tasks:

Provide a policy, legal and strategic framework to strengthen environmental research in Rwanda

Contribute to the preparation, update and implementation of environmental research in Rwanda;
Advise on resources to integrate research across all sectors for sustainability;
Identify synergies, gaps to be filled, and high – priority emerging areas among existing research strategies.
Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework for the implementation of the research strategy;

Participate in research activities and publication

Avail research results in the mentioned priority areas, including past research data;
Participate in preparation of reports on the status of environment in Rwanda;
Evaluate the current status of biodiversity degradation in the country
Assess the impact of development activities on the environment (mining, soil, water and air pollution)
Develop a communication strategy for publication and dissemination of the research findings;

Conduct assessments of the state of existing research, create database and updated analytical guidance as needed

Analyze research gaps and constraints taking into account the providers and users of environmental data;
Identify opportunities for new research studies in terms of environmental management focusing on sustainable economic development and poverty reduction;
Assess a set of research priorities and their financing mechanisms;

Propose enabling framework and facility for research information access and establish a facility for communication, including networking of among stakeholders

Demonstrate the value of research sustainability by conducting research in identified key national issues;
Analyze key research stakeholders in each area of environmental management in Rwanda;
Demonstrate key information on possible areas of research in environmental management;
Conduct a stakeholder assessment and a mapping of existing networks through which knowledge can be accessed and put to use;
Create a forum for researchers and engage decision makers on research activities;
Propose partnerships opportunities and stimulate collaboration with relevant national and international stakeholders.
Propose a coordination mechanism of environmental research and research development effort between all interested parties.

Job Profile

“Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences, Environment Sciences, Rural Engineering, Environment Development Studies and Geography

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

Negotiation & influencing skills
Planning and organization skills
Communication, reporting and writing skills
Interpersonal and team working skills
Spoken and written English and Swahili skills