Dasso Officer Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Kigali

Rubavu District



Level: 14.II

Reports To: Mayor of the District

No. of Positions: 64

Deadline: 26/Feb/2018

Job Description

Every DASSO, irrespective of the rank or the post, shall have the following obligations:

To serve for the Republic of Rwanda with loyalty, integrity and dignity;
To personally fulfil the mission entrusted to him/her and with all his/her conscience, to respect orders from his/her superiors and to collaborate with other DASSO members in whatever is useful to the services;
To be courteous;
To avoid any behavior that could undermine the confidence of the population and his/her service;
To know the laws, guidelines, and measures regarding the respect of his/her duties, their implementation and respect;
To respect instructions regarding professional secrecy;
To take care of the installations and materials belonging to the State or placed under his/her guard and protection;
To reinforce other organs regarding maintenance of security if deemed necessary;
To aim at anything that may promote welfare, good performance and discipline at work;
To always be ready for work.

Job Profile

Any person to be admitted in DASSO must meet the following conditions:

To be of Rwandan nationality;
To voluntary apply;
To be at least eighteen (18) years old and not more than thirty- five (35) years old.
For persons with special skills, this age can be increased by the responsible organs if deemed necessary;
To have good conduct and morals;
Not to have been definitely sentenced to a term of imprisonment equal to or exceeding six(6) months;
To hold at least a Certificate of Secondary Education. However, a person who completed an Ordinary level studies and who has special security skills can be recruited into DASSO;
To be healthy and strong enough to work in DASSO, as supported by a medical certificate issued by an authorized medical Doctor;
Not to have been dismissed definitively from public service without notice;
To have passed recruitment tests into DASSO or to present a particular certificate testifying that he/she has successfully completed duties which shall be almost similar to DASSO’s services in Rwanda.