Sector Learning Facilitators Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Ruhango

Voluntary Services Overseas

Role overview

Foundation one: English and mathematics teachers development

Rollout training on English and Mathematics toolkit, ensure proper distribution of kits and follow-up
School visits to follow up on the use of the Maths and English kits, teaching observation, interaction with teachers and leaders on learning about English and Mathematics
Support the organisation and follow up of English and Mathematics teachers’ professional learning and practical activities in engaging with School subject leaders, school based mentors and school leaders.

Foundation 2: Leadership for learning

Work alongside Sector Education Officers in monitoring and supporting schools, parents and community leaders in implementing the BLF programme,
With the support of leadership team Rollout training of School general assembly committees and follow up of school governance including accountability methodology
With support and collaboration of school leadership, follow up of school leaders’ community of practices.

Foundation 3: System strengthening

School and community visits to regularly collect data on progress towards achieving outputs (English and numeracy performance).
Support Sector Education Officers and Head Teachers to use and understand data in learning, teaching and school leadership as part of the review and planning processes

Skills, qualifications and experience

Successful candidates will be a Rwandan and would have the following skills, knowledge and experience:


Bachelor’s degree in Education
Relevant internship and/or work experience
A good level of spoken and written English
Good IT skills
Experience of learner-centred and inclusive methods for teaching and learning


Familiar with Rwanda’s Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) and focus on improved literacy and numeracy in early primary grades
Understand effective use of technology to collect data and communicate with different stakeholders.
Teaching and mentoring experience in English and numeracy
Data collection experience
Leadership experience
Experience in community mobilization and adult training.
Familiarity with education in Rwanda especially at lower primary level.