Monitoring and Evaluation Officers Vacancy-Job Ref:JKRWWVI/3103/202037

World Vision

Monitoring and Evaluation Officers Vacancy-Job Ref:JKRWWVI/3103/202037


Monitoring and Evaluation Officers

Health & WASH, Resilience & Livelihood

World Vision Rwanda is a child focused Christian humanitarian organization implementing development programs in 29 Districts of Rwanda.

World Vision Rwanda seeks to hire two highly qualified, dedicated and experienced nationals for the positions ofMonitoring and Evaluation Officers. The positions will be based at Kigali Head office reporting to the Design Monitoring and Evaluation Manager.

Purpose of the position:

To coordinate the monitoring and reporting of Health&WASH, Resilience&Livelihood Technical Programme and projects including related Grants and Private None Sponsorship to ensure quality programming and documentation of impact.

The major responsibilities include:

% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Ensure all Health&WASH, Resilience Livelihood technical programs and grants project log-frames, M&E plans, Indicator Tracking Tool, Detailed Implementation Plans are fully complete and are aligned to the National Office Technical Program and Strategy

Area Program and project plans aligned with Health &WASH, Resilience& Livelihood Technical programs and WV Rwanda Strategic plan 2021- 2025.

Project Indicator Tracking Tool (ITT) targets are realistic, measurable and achievable


Participate in the planning and reporting process for Health&WASH, Resilience Livelihood Technical Programs (APs & TPs) ensuring timely reviews and submission of Program Management Reports and Semi Annual Reports.

Health &WASH, Resilience &Livelihood technical Project Plans, Budgets and Reports for World Vision is complete into Horizon as this is a partnership requirement for security and proper data storage and information sharing.

World Vision Rwanda rated green (100% compliance) in regional and Global Center performance ratings for specific Horizon Implementation milestones.


Support documentation and consolidation of all Health&WASH, Resilience Livelihood Technical projects information, learning, including promising practices, success stories, plans, Budgets and reports

Organizational and project impact data, success stories, plans and reports are documented and consolidated at National level to ensure sharing with wider audience and to provide quality evidence to elevate reputation and funding.

Resilience&Livehood, Health&WASHTechnical Programme and impact data, success stories, plans and reports are documented and consolidated at National level to ensure sharing with wider audience and to provide quality evidence to elevate reputation and funding


Conduct field monitoring visits to ensure evidence of reported activities and outputs at the field and beneficiary level and ensure lessons from implementation of Core Project Models are systematically documented and shared with Technical programme Managers and DM&E Manager.

National Office rated green consistently on meeting standards of Quality Data at all levels. Lessons learnt are shared for learning and replication of impact

10 %

Support WASH Universal Coverage and the continuous community assets mapping exercise for all Area Programs

Participate in the preparatory planning for project /program baselines, evaluations, researches, and special studies

Prepare monthly and quarterly activity reports and submit them to the supervisor

Support consolidation of WASH, Resilience &livelihood grants data and information to ensure they are aligned to Technical programme Design and Strategy

World Vision Rwanda committed 100% coverage of clean water to all communities in our operation areas by 2022. It is imperative to tracking all water points into horizon and several other WASH, Resilience &livelihood indicators to enable tracking progress towards the Universal Coverage target.

Health&WASH, Resilience &Livelihood grants are aligned to World Vision Rwanda Resilience and Livelihood Technical Program and National Office Strategy 21-25

Quality Technical Programme reports produced

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical skills and Experience

The following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Must have a minimum of 2 years’experience in development work, preferably working with development projects and programs

At least 1 year of practical experience in Program Assessment, Design, Baseline, information Management Systems, report writing, publications Monitoring & Evaluation with a complex environment.

Degree in, Development Studies, Social Sciences, Statistics, Public Health, and Management Information Systems (MIS)

Knowledge of statistics software (E,g. Advanced excel, STATA, SPSS).

Computer skills and database management skills, M&E methods and approaches, document review and report writing skills are preferred.

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